Tips for beginners of FIFA 17


Another point that seems to be difficult, both for beginners and experienced players, is to make a corner shot, because, although EA made efforts to make this shot more accurate, some people It's taking a lot of work to get used to this.

It really is not something of the other world, however, you have to have a lot of patience and, above all, practice a lot. It all boils down to selecting the highest player on your team before sending the ball. However, we will explain to you in depth how to do it.

The corner shot changed and is now much more intuitive, although not many like, since most do not know how to perform them. The point here is that now you know with more precision where the ball will fall to. Then, select the highest player on your team with the left bumper of the controller (LB or L1). Next, locate the new corner shot that appears on the lawn, at an empty point in the large area - preferably near the penalty spot. Press the shutter button with 2 power bars, start unchecking and then press the center button again. If there is synchrony, your player will arrive a little before the ball and his superiority in stature will do the rest.

Remember that you also have at your disposal the tactics of the D-Pad. We usually use that to hinder the doorman. You will not score 100% of the time, but at least you will finish many of them at the door, which will put the opponent in trouble.

Well, we hope this advice has served them. We will cover one area per item, so that every day you implement something new.

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