What do we expect of FIFA 18


FIFA 18 is due to be launched on September of this year (so there are still 6 months to go). We, as previous FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 players, have many concerns about this year installment. For instance

Are the free shoots going to be changed
The modes are going to be revamped
What about the use of PS VR
Are we going to receive something else than just a roster change

We, as gamers, want the most of a video game, but the truth is, that if we don´t pressure the developers, we are not going to receive what we want. Nevertheless, these are the confirmed improvements of FIFA 18 with regard to 17

If FIFA 17 is really good, EA Sports will bring the house out the window with FIFA 18, so if you're a fan of this series of video games get ready, it will get pretty good and here we have everything you can expect for the next Delivery of the franchise.

EA Sports boss Andre Wilson confirmed that the game will continue to use the Frostbite Engine, which achieved tremendous results in lighting and recreation of players and stadiums.The best part of the pie, of course, will be taken by those who own a powerful PC or PS4 Pro.

FIFA 18 will also be accompanied by the second version of El Camino, where you will guide Alex Hunter and guide him during his promotion in the Premier League.

In this second edition, there will be more characters to choose besides Alex. It is not yet known if there will be the possibility of creating your own star, but certainly would be something we would love to see.

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