Innovations We Want in FIFA 18

news-imgIn our opinion, we think that the game should have modifications in certain modalities, for example:
1 - We think they should modify the DT (Manager) type of games and especially the Player Mode, DT mode would be good to include a way to edit specific characteristics on the face of the coach that we chose, for example, change the color of the eyes, put on facial hair, edit the nose, eyebrows, mouth, height of the coach, etc.
In the player mode, it is where you have to change a lot of things, for example, that we are in the bank while we are not called to the parties, that we can give a band of captain for the years in the club, even more important that we receive different offers of equipment in the transfer periods, whether of purchase or loan, but that we have option to choose what we want for our career. To enter animations, where we meet in a press conference, sharing with teammates in the dressing room, talking with our DT, managers and agent, (Yes, PES type a few years ago).
2- In the Quick Game mode, it would be excellent to be able to choose the uniform of our team and not be confused with the rival, as it is done in reality, that the shorts or socks are not the same color as the rival, as when we see The Man U with white shorts and white socks not to be confused with the opposing team. In addition they should also have two options for uniforms for goalkeepers, this for the same to have more realism when it comes to playing.
3- Real and dynamic climate changes, for instance that at the 57th minute of the 2Q it begins to rain, or to fall snow. Let it look like it gets dark while we play an afternoon game. That we are playing under a hellish rain and that at the end of the first half it stops raining.
There are 3 aspects that in our opinion FIFA should improve, I would like to see more opinions of you, about what they would like to see in the game for this year. In all the ways there is to play. Because we do not agree to maybe make this or other requests to EA and that perhaps they can ignore us and improve the game for their departure in September.

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