4 Reasons Why the FIFA 18 Version of Nintendo Switch Will Be the Best


The relationship between FIFA and Nintendo has been very strange. In the days of the Wii we had annual deliveries, but when Wii U arrived, we could only try FIFA 13 and without Ultimate Team mode and to make matters worse, it did not feel the same as in the versions of Xbox 360 and PS3, which annoyed To many players.
However, things have changed and the newly released Nintendo Switch shows brutal power, which made many companies have turned to see again the great N.
Based on this, it is almost a fact that FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch will be the best version of all. Why? We'll tell you then:
- You can play on the go
It does not matter if you are on a bus, at school or on a plane, you can play on an HD screen. Yes, we have the FIFA app, but it does not feel the same as the full game. Nintendo Switch will give us the opportunity to play the full game and for 6 hours in a row. Amazing!
- Precise controls
EA has stated that it is creating FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch from scratch (not a port). That makes us think that everything will be new and that will use the touch screen to be able to make more precise shots and many more things. Can you imagine using the motion sensor to move the player? Everything is possible.
- Graphics
While, Nintendo is not known to offer us HD content, with the Switch if it will. The new Nintendo console features an Nvidia Maxwell-based Tegra X1 chip, which is very powerful for a handheld console.
- First person mode
While this has been a rumor, we believe it is a possibility, as the power of the console allows; and to top it off, motion-sensing and tactile controls can make this happen. And we as the most professional cheap FIFA 18 Coins site will offer the lowest price for you when this game released!

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